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New Life Spirit Staff

Our Mission

Just like Jesus who helped Samaritan lady at the well by turning her life around, New Life Spirit will help those who need help  and cannot find it.

When Jesus walked the earth, He cured the lepers while others all around Him showed no compassion for these hopeless and helpless people. Today, New Life Spirit's mission is to carry the message of our Lord and Savior to those people who have addictive illnesses, Our Lord is the Great Physician who cures all who are willing to turn their lives over to Him. New Life Spirit is available to help anyone who has a sincere desire to be helped. If a person feels powerless over certain circumstances and is willing to follow Bible principles, we believe that person can live a healthy, happy life in spite of any of his circumstances.

  • We provide Twelve Step Programs for those who have a desire to stop their addictions, and simply cannot stop on their own.

  • We provide housing for those people who have no home.

  • We provide FREE food from our Food Bank

  • We have daily jobs available for the jobless.

We are a fellowship of people who have come together to help one another towards a more positive, spiritual, and productive life through Jesus Christ and the Twelve Step Principles He has given us.

Our church is founded on the principles of the Bible. All that we do is based on what the Bible tells us to do. Church services are conducted on a weekly basis. All of us who want and need help must follow the Lord through His teachings and actions.

Your support of Gracious Giver Church helps New Life Spirit accomplish its mission.

Gracious Giver Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit church. Fed tax #51-0502873. Your donations are tax deductable.

Further Info

Frank McGeoy

Office: 949.721.1511


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