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New Life Spirit Staff

Christian Sober Living in Orange County, California at New Life Spirit

New Life Spirit is a Christ-centered ministry providing Christian sober living apartments for men who are addicted to any one of 300 known addictions. Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Co-Dependency are high on the list.

We believe recovery consists of relying upon The Bible, a Twelve Step Program, getting a Sponsor and living in a Christian Sober Living Environment.

We believe the 12 Step programs were inspired by Jesus. Our interests are in helping the addicted man find both Jesus Christ and sobriety, where Jesus comes first. We believe in Biblical counseling; that Salvation and God's Word are sufficient for all day-to-day problems people have.

We teach that Twelve Step programs were designed to lead the addict and the alcoholic on a journey down a path to a new spiritual way of life. We also believe Jesus guides and directs us along this path. His plans for our new life are explained in great detail in the Bible and the Twelve Step principles. We stress the fact that the Bible and The Big Book of AA teach us how to live life properly. Here at New Life Spirit, addicted men find a clean and safe place to live in a Christian environment and build a new life with a strong recovery foundation that will provide a positive, productive future.

God's People Helping Each Other

We believe Jesus Christ works through His children to reach the hopeless and helpless. Jesus works through His body of believers, the body of Christ, to reach and teach us how to find freedom from addictions.

He chooses willing people, His vessels, to carry His message of salvation and freedom. When a new man arrives at our facilities he is welcomed by friendly, helpful men that are already recovered from a seemingly hopeless case of mind and body.

First of all, our people must admit they are powerless over their addictions.

After our men are committed to the first half of the First Step; our recovery program teaches them how to understand the Bible along with the next eleven and one-half steps. The residents further learn how to live life properly by working with a sponsor of their choice.

We recover by working the first eleven steps; then we become living, breathing testimonies of what God's transforming power can do; next our men are ready to "try to carry the message" to other addicted people practicing the Twelve Step and the Biblical principles.


Your support of Gracious Giver Church helps New Life Spirit accomplish its mission.

Gracious Giver Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit church. Fed tax #51-0502873. Your donations are tax deductable.

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Director/Pastor: Frank McGeoy

Office: 949.721.1511


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